At Long Last, The Luxury and Practicality You’re Seeking In Aviation Facilities Leasing

A New State-Of-The-Art Hangar/Office Space

Envision a highly functional and versatile hangar and workplace where you can manage your aviation operations AND support staff in a single, highly efficient facility.

A Superior Approach

Aviation operations like yours need a secure and well-laid-out hangar space that provides easy access to core operations such as:

  • Ease of plane maintenance
  • Passenger on-and-off boarding
  • Straightforward loading and receiving

Just as important… You need efficient/cost-effective office space to manage the operations side of your business. AeroColorado had you in mind when building our new combined Office/Hangar facility.

AeroColorado combines real-world hangar and office design elements into a single state-of-the-art structure, making for an ideal aviation operation.

corporate staff around blueprints